AJ Wears :: A denim jacket

A denim jacket is one of those things I think you should never get rid of. If you find one you love, in a classic style, that thing will always come back. I bought this one at Gap during college and wore it at least once a week back then. When denim went the way of those shirts that grew three sizes when you put them on (seriously, what was up with that?), I put it in the back of my closet and waited.

And here we are today. I sometimes wish that I'd gotten one that was a little less stiff and a little more classic and casual, but I love the unique shape of this one and how easily it goes over a cute printed dress.

I've also been excited to pull these bracelets out again. I love them. They were a handmade wedding gift from the artist, but I recently found out she's selling them on Anthro's website now!

Okay, enough useful talk, now here's a story about these shoes. They were a hot topic tonight! I never know what makes a pair worth discussing, but these got a lot of attention. One of the girls at the Apple store suggested we make a trade, but didn't have any iPad minis to barter with so they went home with me. It's all for the best. I kind of like these shoes, regardless of how ridiculous my husband might think they are.

Dress, Francesca's Collections.
Jacket, Gap (similar on sale!).
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Bombshell by JustFab.
Bracelets, By Britt.