AJ Wears :: A colorful tee

Back in the swing of blogging things! Let's talk about Prabal Gurung. I originally got up early early to shop the line and bought that floral dress and the black and white lace top. Then after about a day I realized that the whole system is just a pressure cooker for shopping disaster! The feeling that it's all limited edition and someone else will buy it if you don't makes me go into panic mode and I make hasty decisions instead of smart ones. They all went back. Then I justified my decision by telling myself it all looked like Lisa Frank anyway. Then I was shopping today (weeks later) and was shocked to see a few PG pieces at my dear West Little Rock Target, including this fun tee I'd had my eye on after seeing everyone else's pictures.

Ultimately, the tee feels the most wearable of the collection for me and added some real fun to an otherwise pretty traditional suit look. I love that it looks like a painting and I've already dreamed up a few other ways to wear it. Plus it's pretty much the most affordable piece in the collection at $20. I have a lot of thoughts about Target's limited collections, mostly good, but I do think it creates an environment where you buy buy buy without thinking about how it'll actually fit into your wardrobe. Some of my favorite pieces have come from these collections, though, including a fantastic little cropped blazer and the dress I wore for my engagement pics. The trick is finding pieces that are workable in many situations or have a more timeless feel. While this tee is super trendy, a tshirt is going to get worn a heck of a lot more than a dress, no matter how dazzling it may be.

As for the shirt today, it took me to CBG for dinner with my bests and to see "100 Years of Broadway", a song tribute to some of my favorite showtunes. Now I have Les Mis songs stuck in my head and plan on singing them at the top of my lungs for the rest of the day. I know my husband will be thrilled.

Shirt, Target.
Pants, XXI (These are fantastic).
Shoes, JustFab.
Blazer, The Limited (This one is cute!).