AJ Wears :: A black and white blazer

I love blazers. I've always had a thing for them, but my obsession got out of hand after working at The Limited and I started a pretty extensive collection. It might be weird to have 6 different black blazers, but each one has different little details. Anytime I find a blazer with something unique about it, I usually buy it. This one was a steal on super clearance so I got it for like, $10. I love the black and white color blocking. It makes it a little funky.

New wedges from JustFab - I adore this color and thought they were too fun to pass up! They rub a little on the heels though, so I might need to put some moleskin in if I'm planning on walking a lot. I did today. It was a little unpleasant.

Why so dressed up, you might ask? After a week of wearing sweatpants and rolling around in a sickly manner, I suspect BB invited me to lunch just so he could see me in real clothes and make up (and with freshly brushed hair). I'm finally recovering from what I assume was some sort of mutant cold so I met him downtown for a french dip and some iced tea. I also had a business meeting this afternoon that could lead to some fun career opportunities! My line of work always leads to surprising things.

Blazer, The Limited (Pretty close version!).
Dress, The Limited.
Belt, The Limited. OMG. They didn't sponsor this post, I swear.
Shoes, JustFab.
Bag, Botkier for Target.