Take One, Day 6 :: Skirting the Issue

First of all, thanks to everyone for continuing to support me in this challenge. It's a lot of fun so far. Second of all, how weird is it that this skirt looks totally different with an un-tucked shirt vs tucked? I love a good pencil skirt, so I had to wear it again with something a little more office appropes. Please don't burn me in effigy for using the word appropes.

 Honestly, I thought I'd remix the sweater  from yesterday because I love it so much, but...I didn't. That's what's funny about this challenge, is I put on an outfit thinking I know which piece I'll reuse, and then I change my mind as I'm actually getting dressed. PS - these shoes are a prettier pink in real life. They look a little meh-nude in these pics. Stay tuned at the end for another classic butt shot! This time it was to show off the cute zipper on the back of this skirt, I swear.

Skirt, The Limited.
Top, The Limited.
Cardigan, XXI.
Shoes, c/o JustFab.