Take One, Day 5 :: Pumps on Repeat

Can I admit, repeating shoes almost feels like a cheat? Not as much as repeating the jeans would have been, but I probably should have remixed the scarf in hindsight. Then again, how hard is it to put on a scarf over something else? The thing about this outfit is, it was very organic. When BB came into the living room and said we were going to lunch, I ran to my closet and threw this on and we left. In my brain, it was the quickest way to remix the outfit. I wish the shoes were a bit brighter to match the collar of the sweater, but I'm not the type of weirdo who would photoshop her clothes to match better. Pug hair off my clothes and stop signs out of the background? Absolutely. I have to draw the line somewhere, though.

I guess I was going for "the casual business woman", as if I were leaving the office for the day and just threw on a sweater over my pencil skirt to go to happy hour. Is this a thing? Probably not. The sweater looks a bit disheveled, actually,  it kind of looks like I just came out of a bathroom, so perhaps I hit the nail on the head. Anywho, that means you'll probably see me remix the skirt tomorrow in a more "traditional" business woman manner. We'll find out then, won't we? Side note: I also wore this sweater to a SuperBowl party. It's my favorite thing right now.

Sweater, Forever 21.
Skirt, The Limited.
Shoes, Gianni Bini.