Take One, Day 3 :: Neon Yellow Dress

Day three of the remix challenge! One of the things I'm doing with this challenge is picking pieces that are already a little difficult to remix. I often get stuck in a rut with some things in my closet, and wear them the same way every time I pull them out. So this has become a bit of a game for me! I also love that you get to see instant results with this challenge! In 30x30, you really can't see how someone is remixing until the very end when they post all of the outfits. In this, you get to see a remix every day! I'm a little enthusiastic, I know. It's not something I plan on working on because ENTHUSIASM IS AWESOME!

 As you can see, for this look I layered a (new) polka dot blouse over the dress (last seen here) and a sweater over that. This sweater is so weird. I have no idea where it came from, when I bought it, or even if it's supposed to be that tiny. The tag says Gap (old school) and it almost looks like someone bought it, shrunk it, and then gave it to me. I love the cropped style though, and usually wear it like this a la Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada.

Dress, Forever 21.
Blouse, Forever 21.
Booties, Target.
Sweater, Super super super old Gap.
Necklace, Family Heirloom. Just kidding! Chinatown.
Purse, Sam Moon.