Take One, Day 24 :: Striped Tee

It's my LAST DAY of Take One, Pass it on! *sob* I passed my black and white striped tee for today's outfit. It doesn't show the best part in today's outfit, which is this fantastic little chiffon hem. I first spotted it on the XXI website and then snatched it up when I stumbled on it in the store. Did I need another striped tee? NO SHUT UP. I did not. But I love wearing the ones I have so much, I figured one with a fun little detail like this to add to the rotation would be nice. Anyway, I wanted to really show the versatility of the shirt in true take one style by tucking it in.

You may have noticed, I pulled the booties from my very first Take One look to remix with this look - with that, we have come full circle. I'll recap all of the outfits and my thoughts on the whole experience tomorrow, but for now, just take in all of these delicious stripes and ponder why I can't seem to wear these boots with anything but purple. You can also play "find the pug hair" or try and figure out why anyone would make a skirt where the lining shows through like it does. So many games while you wait.

Top, Love 21.
Skirt, Target.
Booties, Zurich by JustFab.
Jacket, Kohl's (Elle).
Necklace, JewelMint.