Take One, Day 17 :: Leggings? Again?

Okay guys, hear me out. I backed myself into a corner with today's Pass it On challenge. Originally I thought I'd remix the cardigan, but then we got caught in a torrential downpour and the sleeves got weirdly stretched out. I tried it on today and realized I couldn't wear it again today - if EVER. That bad. And I sure as heck wasn't wearing the sweater vest again. So that left the leggings and the boots, and I'm tired of wearing flat black boots, so look! Leggings again! As it so happens, "How to wear leggings" is one of the top referring search terms on my blog, so I guess I'm just giving the masses what they want - more ways to be lazy.

I made sure I wouldn't end up in this situation again tomorrow - I PILED on the new stuff. I can remix a blazer, dress, scarf, or boots with my next outfit - lots of options. Anyway, tonight we went downtown to meet up for Tech Drinks with other local dorks and then hit up Bar Louie for $1 burger night. Tuesdays, right???

Blazer, Target.
Dress, XXI.
Boots, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, JustFab.
Scarft, unknown but seriously, my favorite.
Bracelet, JewelMint.