Sometimes I Shop :: Gifts for Music Lovers

There's a Valentines' Day gift guide for almost every type of person on the internet right now, but since I've been listening to Justin Bieber non-stop on my One X, I thought I'd put together a little gift guide for the music lover in you and/or someone else. You'd think someone with three ipods wouldn't need to listen to music on her phone, but this phone has Beats Audio built in which has been giving some extra bump to my workouts lately.

1 Beats Headphones, $200 | 2 Jawbone Jambox, $200 | 3 Rolling Stones Sweatshirt, $60 | 4 Kate Spade Tech Earmuffs, $53 | 5 Spotify Gift Card, $60

Both the Beats headphones and the Jambox will help maximize the Beats audio in the HTC One - I have the Jambox and absolutely l-u-v it. It's perfect for poolside during the summer, because it packs enough punch that you can actually rock out (unlike a lot of portable speakers) but is still small enough to toss in a beach bag pocket. And since it connects via bluetooth, anyone can share their playlists on it. I also am a little obsessed with those Kate Spade earmuffs up there - if I had been fashion week bound, I'm pretty sure I would have purchased them for a little cold-weather tuneage. 

And because I'm bragging on my Beats phone, and I know you're dying to know who won the giveaway from last was Andrea R! Congrats! I'd be super jealous if I didn't already have one myself.

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