Sometimes I Shop :: February Buys

It's that time again! February has come and gone and here's where my $200 shopping budget went this month:

I had a decent month. Lots of tops! My wants this month were a polka dot blouse and polka dot jeans, and I managed both. I ended up with: Two polka dot blouses, one pair of jeans, one pair of pants, three sweaters, two t-shirts, one pair of ridiculous wedge sneakers, and a fun clutch - and came in at exactly $200. If you don't count tax. Which I decided this month I don't. That's like two more clearance tops! Plus, I can remember what certain pieces cost but not necessarily the totals so this just makes it easier.

I hit the Prabal Gurung collection at the first of the month hard, but ended up taking back $92 worth of stuff from there because I felt like it really wasn't as wearable as something else for the same price. I didn't like spending such a big chunk of my budget all at once, either. I ended up with one t-shirt from the collection and I'm happy with that because it'll be fun to wear until it gets hot. And when I get tired of it, I'll lop of the arms and turn it into a pillow or something.

As for non-budget stuff, I won a credit from JustFab through a contest and ordered a pair of cute pumps, and had two c/o items sent to me (a green skirt and ombre jeans). I think that wraps up everything for February.

I don't have much of a wishlist for March yet, I'm just going to see where it takes me. I know I'll be splurging on a few of the adorable printed chambray shirts at Old Navy and I'm dying for more ankle pants like the watercolor ones I bought this month. I also want to do a little thrifting this month, I haven't found the best places around here yet. What's on your wishlist for next month? Anything that should be on my radar??

PS - Linking up again with Franish and her budgeting bloggers! Seeing how everyone spends is fascinating and fabulous. Seriously.