February Remix Challenge :: Take One, Pass it On

Hey dudes - Happy Friday! I was planning on doing another 30x30 remix challenge in February but then my husband pointed out that there aren't enough days. Bummer! THEN Sarah from Sarah's Real Life came up with the fantastic idea of "Take One, Pass it On."

The basic concept is this - Wear an outfit, then the next day, choose one thing from that outfit to remix and wear again! It requires a little less prep work than 30x30 (which I spent a whole week preparing for) but still makes you think creatively and remix your wardrobe. I also love this idea for packing - if everything you put in your suitcase can be worn with something else, you can learn to pack less and get more from your wardrobe.

So I'm starting today! The first day is clearly the easiest. And if you're interested in joining the challenge, check it out on her blog.