What I Wore :: Weekend Warrior

There are a few questions I ask myself when I'm choosing outfits for my blog. "Is it wearable? Is it shareable?". Many things I wear don't make the cut, either because I don't end up having time to photograph what I wore in a particular day, or because an outfit just didn't really work for me in the photos. I definitely feel today's outfit was wearable - but since there's nothing particularly creative about putting on a cardigan and boots, is it shareable?

Ultimately, I decided there were a few things that made this outfit share-worthy. One, new boots that I felt the need to tell you about and two, I'm trying to learn how to take photos after ideal hours so I can fit a photoshoot into a particularly busy day if I miss "golden hour".

 Aforementioned boots. I've been trying to find more booties that had a reasonable heel height (ie, flat wedge or low) for running around town. I ordered these from JustFab (Ryane) on a whim and I kind of love them! I told BB they were "rocker cowboy chic". He told me I was making things up. Anyway, they were comfortable all day and I think they'll go with a lot without looking frumpy. I love that it has a bit of a heel. They also come in brown, I found them true to size, although they're not just particularly easy to get off once you've shoved your feet in them. Maybe I just have fat feet. Or ankles. Or cankles.

Look, I'm layering necklaces. omgsoblogger, right? One just didn't give me enough punch and I'm trying to get more creative with my jewelry, so there you go. One other note, the sweater I found at Kohl's for $13 and I'm a big fan. Apparently it was from some designer line they released recently but I didn't want you guys to think I fell victim to pretending to know who the heck she was just so I could own something oh-so-uber designer. I just love a good sweater cardi and a 25% off clearance sale. Comes in blue too if you happen upon a Kohl's on your drive home from work today.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the pictures in the dark. I'm experimenting with popping a flash and using a slower shutter so I can' attempt to get some good photos at night. Winter has been a total bummer because I've had to get photos in around 3 or 4 o'clock or I missed them all together. So I did a little light reading and I set my camera on shutter priority (S for Nikon, Tv for Canon) at 1/20th because it was dusk and there was a little light on the street. That made my aperture fire off at 2.2 so I still got a nice soft background, but the flash helped get a sharper, brighter image of me in the foreground. I think this method is going to work 90% of the time, but I am planning on adding something to my flash to soften it a little bit. I have a couple of flash filters I'll use next time if I can remember to throw them in my bag. Anyway, just a little camera dorking out for anyone who is still trying to learn their cameras and get better pictures. I'm always trying to improve mine so I want to share any little success I may have with you!

Jeans, Shell, The Limited.
Boots, Ryane by JustFab.
Necklaces, Forever 21 and Dillards.