AJ's Shamepuff Hall of Fame

This weekend, I got sucked into the nag-fest trainwreck that is Shamepuff. I don't know how I stumbled upon the forum of the "Worst Fashion Blogger Photos" in the first place, but I found myself both appalled and amused as I clicked through over 50 pages of nagging, nitpicking, and almost to the point of bullying fashion bloggers. While some posts gave me a little uh-oh feeling and verged on just plain mean, the underlying theme became very obvious - why are we all taking this so seriously?? So let us all pray to the unvirtuous abbey of Atlantic-Pacific in hopes that we too, can be forgiven of our fashion transgressions.

According to Shamepuff, the blogger list of offenses is long - leopard print, weird poses, mixing too many patterns, trying too hard, tucking only half of your shirt in, wearing a bun on top of your head, and of course...the dreaded J Crew Bubble necklace. I was shocked to find one of my wedding photos in the forum, because I had broken the cardinal rule of "no one should wear bubble necklaces" (hey, give me a break. They just now got to Arkansas!)

You'd think I'd be absolutely livid by the time I finished reading, but instead, I found myself laughing at my own blog. How many ridiculous poses have I done this year? How many outfits have I posted despite the fact that they didn't work at all? How many times have I fallen prey to the Pinterest mindset and phoned it in with another typical blogger outfit? I've never taken this blog too seriously, or myself, because I stated that at the first - I am not a model, I am not in fashion, and sometimes, I fall over when I'm trying to take pictures. So if you can't beat them - join them. I'm putting my very own version of Shamepuff Hall of Fame from 2012 up here.

Offender #1: Snake Pants

Okay, seriously. This outfit probably should have never made it on, because not only did it photograph terribly, it has a plethora of offenses. I clearly should have sized up in those pants, I'm doing the shametuck and it's crooked, silly bun on top of my head, and booties that cut off my legs into stumps. Also see: Casually putting my hand in my pocket, as if I am waiting for a bus or am Alanis Morriestte.

Offender #2: The Leopard Diaper Pants

I already clowned these when I posted it, for the record. I like to keep it real here and I knew this outfit was ridiculous. I have since given these pants to my friend Sandra to see if she can make any sense out of them. Everything about this outfit was silly. I look like someone who should have 6,000 votes on Lookbook.nu (because lets face it, those outfits are all super weird too). Don't even get me started on that rats nest on my head. Sometimes, the beast can't be tamed. My hair has a mind of it's own. Maybe it should blog.

Offender #3: Weird pose in Wellies

I get tired of the same poses. I think all bloggers do, so we try to get creative and that's when things come off a little weird. Not only do I hate the skin colored monochromatic thing I've done here, what's with the "gotta pee" look? I know photographs look more interesting with movement in them, but this was a no. For the record - it was actually raining that day. At least the boots aren't too high of an offense.

I could actually count small offenses in almost all of my photos, but these were the big three that made me laugh. So now I've been thinking - how can I improve my blog this year? What can I do to make my outfits pop without being ridiculous? And what can I do differently as a blogger so that things come off as fresh instead of copycat?

I'm looking forward to trying some new things in 2013. I promise to do my hair more often, too.