AJ Wears :: Rainboots

 Rainboots are like, one of the hardest pieces of clothing to wear. Not only are they a total pain to get on and off, I swear every time I put them on it immediately stops raining and gets sunny so I look like a total idiot bebopping around town in rubber boots. Or, I decide to just wear normal shoes, and find myself caught in a monsoon. Can't win. Anyway, I knew rain was in the forecast today and planned accordingly.

 Because when it's wet outside, you don't wear pants that are going to drag along the ground and be a sopping mess by the time you get to work. You certainly don't wear suede wedges or your best pony hair heels. That's just silly. Of course, so is matching an entire outfit to the color of your rainboots, so what do I know?

Dress, Jason Wu for Target.
Blazer, Forever 21.
Boots, Hunter.