AJ Wears :: A Leather Vest

 I picked up this vest a couple of years ago from a clearance rack at Dillard's. And it has hung in my closet ever since. I'll occasionally try it on and decide it just makes me look wider than I am and back it goes. But for some reason, when my friend Elizabeth called and said they were headed to Vino's for a little Saturday afternoon fun, I threw it on without any second thought. I added a belt at the last minute for some waist and E said it was one of her new favorite outfits of mine. Perhaps I'll get dressed like I'm meeting my girls in 10 minutes more often.

 What's that? New boots? Yes, again (plzdontjudgeme!). Forever 21 had an insane 50% off sale and I'd been eying these a while as a potential cute travel bootie, so I picked them up for $5! Can't beat that with a stiletto.

And after this, we went and got Elizabeth's tragus pierced and then went downtown and ate cheese fries at Dugan's. A fabulous time was had by all.

And when I found this gem on my camera today, I couldn't NOT share it. Why I was doing this, I couldn't tell you. This sort of thing happens sometimes. Happy Monday.

Shirt, Old Navy (similar).
Vest, Dillard's (this one from Wet Seal is cute!).
Jeans, JustFab.
Boots, Forever 21 (not $5. but fab).
Belt, Target.
Bag, Express.