What I Wore :: Bundled Up

BRRRRRRRRabbit! It finally got cold! Pug got approximately a four minute walk today because I couldn't stand to be outside. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love layers and I've just been dying to pull out some heavier sweaters.

I don't think there's a perfect cold weather outfit formula. For the north, it's pretty much survival of the fittest and for the south, it's "you're gonna be freezing outside and sweating inside" so my priority is always layers. If there were a formula, though, it would be tall boots and a chunky infinity scarf for me.

What's that? You wanted to see what I was wearing underneath? It's a green sweater. A cute one, mind you, but hardly worth the frostbite I might have incurred had I taken a picture of it. Oh, not because I would have frozen without my coat. Because my husband didn't wear a coat outside to take my pictures and was about one shot away from running inside and locking me out there all night long. It's delightfully chilly, though. I'm thinking tonight I'll have a fire and drink hot things. I don't miss shorts weather one. bit.

Scarf, The Limited (different color but similar).
Sweater, The Limited.
Coat, Forever 21 (kind of similar, but mostly just cute).
Boots, JustFab.