What I Wore :: And...we're back!

Hi darlings! I'm terribly sorry I took off so much time over the holidays, but I was faced with a plethora of problems - not only did I not want to abandon my delicious animal onesie pajamas (they are seriously the most comfortable thing ever!), a huge blizzard hit LR and our house was without power for like five days. As I'm typing, I'm sitting in a Hampton Inn seeking shelter from the cold and darkness that is post-blizzard disaster area. In Arkansas. Who knew?

We spent most of our holiday hiding away in Texas which was still cold, but at least we had power. This is the one and only outfit from my week that I have to share.

 I love this bright fluorescent sweater I picked up at E. Leigh's in town a few weeks ago. The sheer + slouchy + unique color makes for a fun sweater that feels *almost* as wonderful as my pajamas. I throw it on a lot for errand running or traveling.

 I wore a coat. Because it was cold.

 Since I was stuck in Texas with only three days worth of clothes,  I started raiding my mom's closet. I found these fabulous boots for my ensemble, which she says are "vintage Nine West". They feel like a baby's bottom, the leather is so soft. It was hard to return them (which of course, I did).

LOVE l-o-v-e this fun necklace that Santa brought me! The neon is almost obnoxious, which I love, but the sparkle is just enough to make a normal shirt a little more special. This whole ensemble took me to Shreveport where we shopped, ate, and gambled the night away. Perfect slot machine garb, am I right?

Anyway, so glad to be back, and really hoping that the power comes on again soon. Fingers crossed. This snow-fugee look is SO last week.

Sweater, Lush.
Jeans, JustFab.
Necklace, Dillard's.
Boots, Nine West.
Coat, The Limited.