Inspired By :: Gossip Girl Style

Gossip Girl here...xoxo! I'm not going to lie, I'm going through MAJOR withdrawals over Gossip Girl already and it hasn't even ended. With tonight's finale comes a mourning of the drama, Chuck Bass, and most importantly, the fashion.

I've always been a huge Blair Waldorf fan, and would willingly become one of her minions just for the uniform. Ms. Waldorf always had a flair for classic pieces, vintage shapes, and super chic patterns. I wanted to pay tribute to the Gossip Girl fashion and the end of the show today by trying to incorporate all of it. Look, I even made you guys a video. CRAZY! Let me know what you think.

 Classic Blair. I've always been a huge fan of the headbands, even before GG, but B just reinforced that love (and made it sooooo easy to find great headbands!). It's crazy to think that a TV show single-handedly brought such a simple trend to the fore-front, but after Blair rocked the head piece for a season, there were headbands everywhere, in every color. I worked up quite the collection myself.

Thankfully, even though the show is over, Gossip Girl style can live on. Stealing Blair Waldorf's signature look is easier than hooking up with Dan (which apparently, is the easiest). Look for classic pieces with vintage shapes but keep it modern with the colors and patterns you choose. Ms. Waldorf always loves a bow, lace, or something sparkly, so don't be afraid to girl it up.

I wonder if we'll find out who GG is? Until tonight! xoxo.....AJ

Jacket, Forever 21 (similar)
Skirt and Turtleneck, Limited.
Shoes, Cecile by JustFab.