What I Wore :: My Starbucks Outfit

Confession - I totally hate it when I see an outfit on Pinterest or Polyvore that includes a cup of Starbucks. Unless your whole look is "barista inspired", a cup of coffee is not an accessory, people! That being said - omglookatthatcupofcoffeeeeeee!

 Yep, that's right, it's your Polyvore dreams come true. I'm holding this gingerbread latte like it's a second purse. Side note: Yay Christmas cups!

I know what you're thinking - "Surely that's not all you did today, right?" No, that is absolutely all I did today. I put on this cute outfit, made some grilled cheeses for lunch, and we went to S'bucks around 3 for a coffee break. As I'm typing this right now, I'm about to go make dinner and will probably transfer to pajamas after that for a night of watching The X-Factor and eating some delicious steak (we do it up big in our house).

There's not a moral to the story or a point or anything. I just really like this sweater and I also like lattes and my lipstick is pink. Hey, these outfit posts can't all be inspiring. Sometimes, this blog is exactly how I named it - this is totally what I wore today.

Sweater, GAP. (also comes in adorable blue and yellow!)
Boots, Melrose by ShoeDazzle.
Necklace....I have no idea.
Purse, ShoeDazzle.
Latte, Starbucks.
Tiny ridiculous skirt, Forever21.