What I Wore :: Legs like a Simpson

Sometimes, getting dressed can be incredibly challenging.

 Not in a "I can't get out of bed" kind of way but in a "Nothing I'm wearing really goes together" kind of way.

 Totally normal from the waist up...

 ...Lisa Simpson from the waist down.

On those days, I say, don't worry if everything isn't meshing. Go ahead and mix the leather and fur. Add some tights that make you look like you might have some sort of weird disease. Mix black and brown? Whatever! Tease the crap out of your hair and throw on some sassy boots and just go with it. Because those are the days where you might come up with an incredibly creative outfit that's completely out of your normal realm of comfort. Or a total trainwreck. It could go either way.

Vest, Forever 21 (similar).
Turtleneck, The Limited.
Shorts, Forever 21 (similar).
Boots, ShoeDazzle (old - Mekko, I think?).
Tights, Forever 21.
Necklace, Mark.