My Closet :: Organizing My Shoes

Here's the thing - I'm kind of an organization freak. I'm messy by nature, but I fight that by making sure everything has it's own place in my home. Since I moved recently, I had the opportunity to completely reinvent my closet space, so I've been taking the extra time to make sure everything goes in nice and neat.

Now, when you have a ton of clothes and shoes, the ONLY way you'll ever get full enjoyment out of them is by making sure you know exactly where everything is. I've had people ask before how I store all of my shoes, and since I worked on a project today for continuing organization, I thought I'd share it with you.

I love my new closet. Built in shoe shelves? What a dream! However, it's still a small and normal home (far from Kim Kardashian's closet) so I can't fit every pair on these shelves (pictured above). I like to keep my additional shoes stored in clear, plastic shoe boxes. They stack well on top of one another, maximizing space - and making it easier to get shoes down without them all falling on your head. I found these at Dollar Tree, meaning I was able to get a LOT more than I would have been able to afford at the Container Store.

I like that the boxes are clear so you can see what's inside. The only problem was, I'm pretty short. I had a hard time seeing what shoes were on the higher shelves. So today I decided to make labels for the outside of the boxes so I could see where everything was.

I used Avery labels, which come 10 per sheet. I downloaded this template and then used Photoshop to make an identically sized label. I searched for the shoes I own, copied the photo, and then pasted it into the Photoshop template and added the name. Flattened the image, select all, copy, and pasted that into Word onto the label template. I probably could have skipped some of those steps but I wanted them to look really good.

Now, there are a lot of ways you can go about getting pictures of your shoes. I happen to get most of mine from shoe clubs, so if I could remember the name and where it came from, it was pretty easy to find a professional picture with a white background from the original website. I have a few that are not shoe clubs, though, so the next step is to take my own pictures for their labels.

I'm a total crazy person, so I added the names of the shoes along with the photo. I like remembering the names! Plus, if I ever needed my husband to "go grab me my Erin shoes!" he'd be able to, even in a fire. At least I didn't alphabetize them.

And there you have it, the finished product! Now I can easily see what is in each box so I won't miss the opportunity to wear the perfect pair any more. I hate forgetting about shoes, so it's nice to have a clear visual of each pair.

I'd love to see how you guys organize your shoes! I've tried everything - shoe bags, keeping the original boxes, over-the-door racks, and I'm always looking to improve my system. I'm one step away from keeping a clipboard with a spreadsheet on it. Who wants to help me invent the closet from Clueless already??