What I Wore :: Sparkles and Sheers

I have a bad habit of buying complete new outfits. Often I'll find one piece and then continue hunting until I've created exactly what I see in my mind. Or, I'll just go to the mall and put together a complete look for an occasion. Or a Thursday. Whatever.

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up a little lunch and found myself wandering around Forever 21 aimlessly, looking for a specific sweater (I never found it and ended up ordering online). When I found this sheer top and pleated skirt, it just felt like they were supposed to BE together, you know? And since I'm busy moving, I have nothing to wear. Wouldn't want to unpack stuff just for that, you know? Welcome to my justification process. I also thought, Wouldn't this look lovely with my new studded pumps from ShoeDazzle?

So that's how this outfit was born. Out of the justification that I shouldn't unpack things just to wear because I'm moving. Also, how maj is this blouse? I love the sequin collar and I can already see myself wearing it under sweaters, un-tucked with skinny jeans and booties, maybe with a festive skirt and tights...! It's a fun twist on the classic. Go get you some.

In love with these studded beauties. So glad I ordered them in black, too! The contrast is just too good. Add in a perfect heel height and a little gold shimmer, I may wear these babies to bed tonight. MUAH. I love you, shoes.

Blouse, Skirt, Forever 21. Shoes, Erin by ShoeDazzle.