What I Wore :: Pardon My French

Oh hay! I have bangs now! I get bored with my hair but the only way to change it up without losing length is shape or color - so I like cutting bangs in fall when it's cool enough that they won't curl up and look crazy (I have a little cowl lick in the front too. oy!). So I bought myself some pro scissors a few years ago and every so often, I chop off some bangs to freshen things up.

 I couldn't imagine a better outfit to introduce my new fall bangs than something a little french inspired. I went searching for this sweater at Forever a few weeks ago - I was standing at the check out and saw a girl hold it up and instead of being a crazy person and running across the store to grab it from her, I went back like a normal girl and looked for it later. It was a no go, so I ordered online. Let's break this down - $20 for a funky sweater? Totally worth it. I think it's hilarious and adorable.

Besides this sweater being fun, I loved mixing it with some other fall favorites now that's it's cooler weather (finally!). Tights, suede wedges, and a flirty leather skirt made for the perfect outfit. We hit up B-Dubs for some wings and then made our way to a ridiculously fun concert downtown (there were lightsabers involved).

 Anyway, this is my new favorite sweater and this is what we did tonight:

More fun than a mustache sweater. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

Sweater, Skirt, Forever 21. Wedges, Sarada by JustFab.