Snapshots :: Honeymooning

As much fun as a wedding is, honeymooning is divinnnne. We jet-setted down to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week in the sand and sun.

 Standard travel outfit (and the only "what I wore" from the week) - Maxi skirt, tank, and scarf. I really think maxi skirts/dresses are the most comfy way to fly. You look chic instead of sloppy, you are comfy and covered, but can pull up the skirt if you're hot, and it's kind of just like wearing a giant bag. Love. I also always wear a scarf when flying so I can use it as a shawl if I get cold on the plane. Also makes for a nice rain bonnet if you get caught in unexpected rain.

 My new monogram on my carry on! And now, that is the last time I wore real clothes all week. I spent the rest of my time in swimsuits. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I DID get dressed for dinner every night. But there's no documentation of that so we'll pretend it never happened.

 Our view for the week - seriously. I loved waking up to this every morning.

 It's the little details that really make your stay special. Also, that bed was freaking comfy.

The only other time you'd find me in clothes all week - we took a short excursion to the Mayan ruins at Tulum and a great snorkling spot, Xel-Ha.

I wore this fabulous beaded cover up for that day, which was thankfully breezy. It was pretty hot at the ruins, but gorgeous.

Finally - my new best friend. DOLPHINS. Oh, you guys, they are so cute. This one was showing off for me. I named him Fred.