Snapshots :: Halloween Party!

It's almost my favorite holiday! I loooooooove Halloween. My friend Sandra threw us a Halloween party! I feel like I've been non-stop go go go for the month so far, so I had to think of something for me and BB to be on the fly.

 For any Big Bang Theory fans out there, you should be able to guess what we went as! For everyone else, google Leonard and Penny :) As for the other party goers...

 Nothing like a little local scandal to make a great costume (this is Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell)

 Every good party has theme cups. Sandra never disappoints.

 The lovely hostess as Lady Gaga! It was a big night for wigs.

Loofah, Dora the Explorer, Penny, and a sassy M&M. Don't you just love dressing up?