Snapshots :: Going to the Chapel

Oh, you guys. I'm back! I know it was far-fetched to think I might blog on my honeymoon, but then I lost my iPad camera kit and that's the end of that story. So now that I'm back, I thought I'd share some of my favorite candids from our wedding. It'll be a few before I get the official photos back, so consider this a "sneak preview".

I'm a ridiculous bride so I had "Team Bride" t-shirts made up for my bridesmaids. I loved seeing them running all over the complex doing various things in their cutie shirts.

Balloon girls!

Getting ready! My sis and I working on our hair.

Sandra works on getting me hooked in. It was an ordeal considering all you had to do was zip me up.

Step 3: enjoy champagne out of cutie styrofoam cups until it's time to go take pictures. Ugh, I can't wait to show you how adorable the bridesmaids looked. It's too much. You'll die.

Snapped this one at the reception on hubby's (hubby! eee!) phone.

All in all, it was perfect and amazing and most definitely the best night of my life. I'm so anxious to get the photos back so I can show you guys everything.  Thank you all for your best wishes! They were so touching to read.