What I Wore :: Woo Pig Sooie!

Every year, Arkansas hosts two football games in Little Rock because it has a large population and no professional teams, so we get a little over zealous about the Hogs. It's a HUGE tailgate opportunity! It's always a blast to set up on the golf course and spend all day traipsing from hole to hole trying to meet up with all of your friends.

 The thing about tailgate attire is, it has to be SOMEWHAT practical. I saw a girl walking around in knee-high heeled boots, tights, and the shortest skirt I've ever seen. Sorry girlfriend, it's still too warm for boots and tights, I don't care how much of the rest of you isn't covered up. The tricky thing is finding something cool, comfortable, but still cute enough to stand out in a sea of red.

 This is my favorite tailgating skirt. It's probably not the most practical thing for being outdoors because of it's length, but I wear my cutie little razorback boyshorts underneath to cover my bases. I went full-on monochromatic with my striped shirt and chunky jewelry, which I think is okay because it's a festive occasion. I have worn this skirt to the past few warmer tailgates with different tops, and it's always a big hit. I love surprising people when they ask where I got it - the secret is, I actually made it myself! Isn't sewing handy?

Look, we match. We match EVERYONE.

 Look at this adorable chandelier our friend Keely made for the tailgate tent!! So adorable, right? It lit up and everything. We do it classy, y'all.

 I know we were all a little disappointed when the Hogs ended up losing (okay, it was probably more than a little!) but I still support my team. Or at least watching sports outdoors in gorgeous pre-fall weather. Tailgating is the best.

And here's a little Sunday sunshine for you, my miserable pug in her new Razorback costume. HOW CUTE is that?? I don't think she likes it very much, but I can't stop laughing. Woo pug sooie!