What I Wore :: Time for Tweed

The weather down here is such a tease. Hot, cold, wet, dry, it's teasing us with fall and then taking it back. A solid weekend of rain convinced me to pull out these new boots and today is just cool enough that I felt comfortable in them all day long.

 We're wrapping up all sorts of wedding odds and ends this week, so this is what I wore to the courthouse to pick up our marriage license. Not that you need a special outfit for that sort of thing.

 I pulled this jacket out of my closet to match these boots, but I couldn't tell you where I got it. It's been in my closet for at least a decade and I've held on to it because the tweed has a nice Chanel feel to it that's perfect for a little fall blazer.

 This purse is adorable, I love the bow, but I can never find anything in it.

I'm having a major quilted moment right now. Purses, shoes, boots...when I saw these JustFab riding boots with the quilting I didn't give in right away, but I'm glad I finally did. They're so soft and delightful and just a little more interesting than a normal flat black boot. I feel quite chic wearing them.

Jacket, "Vintage" (This one is cute and affordable though!). Shirt, jeans, XXI. Boots, Ananda by JustFab. Bag, SamMoon.