What I Wore :: A little Ikat

Today was full of little wedding errands and things. It all happens tomorrow! I'm one day from being Mrs. Blake and I couldn't be more excited. I have to be honest, I really feel like I should be doing a lot more right now, but all I have to really do today is get my hair cut, get my nails done, and show up to the rehearsal dinner. BOOM.

 Errand running, wedding crafts, and of course, a few last minute work projects calls for something comfy but cute, so I chose one of my softest, most wonderful comfy tees in a fun ikat print, some bright yellow pants to channel sunny skies for Saturday, and my new Sole Society booties because let's face it, they're awesome.

 Um, what's that? This isn't a practical day to day outfit? Shut up. Then my friends and I went and bought wine and cheeseburgers and had my last free single night together.


 Ugh. How amazing are these booties? NAVY. SO MAJ. I love them. I love them in an unhealthy way, in the kind of way where you wear them to bed and maybe cuddle a little and wake up smelling like feet. Ugh. They're so cool, in an Austin Powers meets Nina Garcia kind of way. LOVE.

Oh, what's that? We missed Awkward and Awesome Thursday? NEVER FEAR. Here's a ridiculous awesome and awkward photo of me almost falling over. Why? Because I'm a terrible klutz and for some reason almost fell over while standing still. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Okay - little house keeping - I'm planning on posting a What I Wore for our rehearsal dinner tonight, and hopefully a few little wedding details, but then I'm off to Mexico for the next week! If I were a good and responsible blogger, I would have lined up some guest bloggers but as it stands, I'm not, because I was planning a wedding (I know, excuses, excuses) so I can only promise to try and post some honeymoon shots while I'm out! I think we get 30 minutes of wifi a day, and I would be so honored to use them all on you.

Oh, PS, top, Francesca's Collections. Jeans, XXI. Booties, Sole Society. Necklace, Vintage. Hair, a little grody at this point.