What I Wore :: Happy Birthday Zoey!

I know a lot of people probably don't celebrate their dog's birthday, but we did. Yesterday was Zoey's first birthday and she got a stuffed cupcake and lots of cuddles. I don't think she knew why she was getting either, honestly. Today she gets a trip to the dog park. Lucky pug!

Ugh. That little face kills me. I love her. Okay, here's what I wore for the special occasion.

Today's outfit is hardly inspired, just a typical Saturday slouchy get up that I'm hoping looked better in person than in pictures (I'm pretty sure it did). We ran errands, like picking out a fridge and buying blinds, then we hopped over to the Clinton Library to watch one of our friends talk. After that, Gusano's for pizza and football, only one of which was satisfying (it was the pie, let's face it!).

Loving these JustFab boots. Look, the zipper is red! I've been looking for a pair of casual flat brown boots for a while and these are perfect.

 Also loving: this pillbox clutch from JustFab. So vintage chic! Barely enough room for my phone, a lipgloss, and some money, but perfect for a Saturday night out.

Top, necklace, Forever 21. Jeans, Limited. Bag, boots, JustFab.