What I Wore :: Endless Summer

Y'all, it is hot. This week has been nearly unbearable in terms of heat. 100 degrees in September? No thank you! It doesn't help that the boot fairy visited me today and they won't even see the sun until who knows when. I want to show you cute fall outfits, but unfortunately, I cannot. This is the summer that never ends.

Heat, particularly the unwelcome kind, calls for my standard uniform. Breezy skirt + unfussy tank. I wore this when I walked to Starbucks this afternoon, which was a mistake. Walking, not the outfit. The outfit was the perfect amount of blowing in the breeze and not wearing pants. I got a passion fruit iced tea, unsweetened, in case you were curious. I knew you weren't.

One of my favorite funky necklaces my mom gifted me, and a messy fishtail braid, the absolute best hair style for a day you don't care about anything.

Here's hoping we'll see cooler temps soon! These boots are burning a hole in my closet!

Skirt, Dress (as top), Forever 21. Necklace, Gift. Sandals, JustFab.