Snapshots :: A Weekend of Wedding

Whew! Weddings are fun. But they're exhausting. My parents came up for the weekend to attend a shower put on by some friends we have on Twitter and we spent our free time eating amazing food and trying to put some more pieces together for this wedding (which is SIX WEEKS AWAY).

Adorable wedding themed cookies from Sweet Love Bakes that were as delicious as they were presh.

Wedding color flowers and amazing tarts at the shower - those chocolate ones had salted caramel under all of that chocolate. GENIUS.

Amazing Sunday lunch at Big Orange. Who wouldn't want a burger with an egg on top of it?

After a trip to Party City, I've decided the new theme of my wedding is MINI SOMBREROS.

Gratuitous picture of my pug. She was really enjoying last night's Closing Ceremonies. Except the Spice Girls. I don't think she liked them much.

What did YOU guys do this weekend??