What To Wear :: Independence Day Duds

With 4th of July literally...well, tomorrow,  I thought I'd round up a few of my picks for 4th fashion. I love any excuse for a theme outfit, so I figure you can play this a couple of ways. The first being quite literal with stars, stripes, and Old Glory's red white and blue. It may be too kitschy for some, but rocking the ole' RW&B is a perfect way to show your 4th spirit.

I don't know why nautical themed fashion reminds me of America, but we have a few shores and a navy so if you don't want to look like you just stepped out of a patriotic themed store, nautical duds might be a fun (less over the top!) option.

If you're spending your 4th on the lawn somewhere at a fabulous picnic, choosing a fab white dress or grabbing some gingham for your getup is a summery way to celebrate. Or pick a playsuit in denim or linen to keep cool and party hard in.

Finally, those of us lucky enough to have the day off might choose to soak up some sun by the pool or the lake, so here are some fun options for that! Maybe I'm the only crazy person who wears jewelry and wedges to the pool, but it's so very Samantha from Sex in the City that I have to recommend you try it at least once. You'll never feel more chic.

What will you all be wearing for the 4th? Anything festive, or just keeping it casual?