What to Wear :: Destination Wedding

Now that I've been to my first destination wedding, I think I get how things go down and can give you guys a little advice on what you'll need to pack beyond your bathing suit and flippy floppies. The invitation will give you all of the clues you need as to which events you'll be attending that weekend. If you've been invited to join the rehearsal dinner, that's usually a fun way to kick off the wedding with the family, friends, and wedding party. Pick a cute and tropical dress to start things off festively. I love a fun print, an interesting hem, and comfortable fabric (it is the beach, after all!).

Hawaiian Garden Dress, Ruche, $66 | Zippered High-Low Dress, Love 21, $28 | Printed One-Shoulder Dress, Roberto Cavalli, $262

If you're hitting up a bridal brunch the next morning, chances are you'll be beach bound afterwords. Choose something cute and comfortable (keeping in mind you may have partied too hard the night before!). Wide leg linen pants are all I wore this weekend, and they look great with pretty much any summer top. You can even throw them on over a sassy one-piece so you can go straight from party to pool.

212 Collection Wide Leg Linen Pants, Kohl's, $40 | Petal Pusher Top, Moon Collection, $53 | Antik Batik Embroidered Cotton Dress, $88

Finally, the ceremony will always prove to be the most difficult to choose an outfit. Girls at this beach wedding embraced maxi dresses and high-low hems in bright colors, fun prints, and flowing fabrics, giving the whole event a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. The best part of a beach wedding is, a maxi dress is formal enough without being fussy. Choose a fabric with lots of movement to get that breezy beach feel.

Butterfly Maxi Dress, Dortohy Perkins, $29 | Mint Bandeau Pleat Maxi, Dorothy Perkins, $69 | Hawaiian Delight Tiered Maxi, Ruche, $48

Most of all, just choose things you feel comfortable and cool in. The weather is unpredictable by the coast, so now is not the time to break out new suede shoes or a dry-clean only formal. It is, however, the best time to break out beach clothes that otherwise might not get as much love! What do you wear to destination weddings?