What I Wore :: Life is Shorts

I love that the "top knot" is a fashionable thing now, because when you see my hair piled on top of my head, it is OVER. I have no cares left. It is far too humid this week to bother with hair, especially the curly variety. So look at me! I'm so fashionable!

Shorts + Blazer + Heels is kind of my jam right now. EVERYONE has the cutest shorts out this year, a nice change from the usual too short hoochie or too long frumpy variety. I've been searching for the perfect pair of printed shorts, and since I missed out on the pink ikat shorts from Loft, I had to snatch these up at the Limited (50% off right now - only $25!).

They're totally modest without making me feel like I'm in mom jeans and the print is basically to die for, I love the colors. I'm in a major navy phase right now. I may have snagged a few other navy pieces yesterday as well.

Now since I'm all about keeping it real with you guys, I'm not sure looking at these photos at the proportions on this outfit are right. In real life, I thought the breezy shirt with more fitted items looked effortless and cool, but in these pics it looks like I have no shape and makes my jacket look about three sizes too small for me! Next time, I'd wear a more fitted cami underneath, probably.

It was a pretty uneventful adventure for this outfit, a trip to Target to get Diet DP and then dinner with BB at a new place in West Little Rock called Mooyah. It's a fun little burger joint and I love that you can order your burger lettuce wrapped (which I prefer). They pretty much just cut open an entire head of lettuce and shove your burger in there. Yum! The sweet potato fries are legit, too. I had some fun with the chalkboard in there before heading home. Adorable. Welcome, anyone who may have seen my URL at Mooyah. If you're even still reading this far. I'm quite a Chatty Cathy today.

Happy Weeekend!

Jacket, Necklace, Target. Top, Forever 21 (I should probably burn it. It looks horrible in every picture I take of it). Shorts, The Limited. Earrings, JewelMint. Shoes, ShoeDazzle. Bag, JustFab.