What I Wore :: Keep Calm and Birthday Party

Y'all know I love a good party, and this blog is almost as much of a social blog as it is a style blog. I try to tell you guys exactly where I wore all of my outfits not only to prove that I do, in fact, wear clothes (as the title suggests) but also to give solid ideas of what you could wear in similar situations in the future. I know, super helpful. One day, I will index them all.

Our dear friend Jordan turned 30 this week and we celebrated his quite fashionable bowtie'd self at Reno's in North Little Rock. There was cake. There was a photo booth. There were pictures of baby Jordan hanging every where.

I chose to dress "festive but casual cool" which always translates to simple sequins (of course). I picked up this white sequin top at The Limited Saturday for 50% off the SALE price - $5! I love that it's shiny without being obnoxious. Red Zara jeans and JustFab heels with my H&M necklace pulled it all together.

PS - I wore a sock in my hair. BB thought I was insane when I asked to borrow (ie, cut a giant hole in) one of his socks but it makes for the most delicious full bun.

The lovely ladies. I never seem to tire of them. And don't let them fool you, they always look this fabulous. I would never hang with less than fab.

And as tired as I find the "Keep Calm" meme (I blame Pinterest!), this was my absolute favorite of the decorations. I may have one framed for myself.