What I Wore :: House Party

I'm not gonna lie to you guys - the house party is a predicament that has always tripped me up. Something about a house party balances the line of casual fun and festive that makes it nearly impossible for me to pick an outfit.

When in doubt - LWD. Little. White. Dress. It's so hot that the less fabric that touches my body, the better, so this dress was perfect for my friend Brian's bday house party. Fabulous!

BB told me that we looked like we were about to pledge a sorority. Hell week or not, white dresses are SO summer.

Look at this amazing armadillo cake Amy made for Brian! The theme of the evening was "Southern Meat & Potatoes" so a Steel Magnolias cake was definitely in order. It was delicious - as well as hilarious.

PS - I just received this statement bubble necklaces from China today - only $15 on eBay! Not exactly keeping my carbon footprint low, but I loved the J.Crew style and couldn't justify the $100+ price. There are tons of different vendors selling "inspired by" bubble statement necklaces from ILY Couture to BaubleBar - but I just searched on eBay and found tons of different colors at my fingertips!

Dress, Forever 21 (old). Necklace, eBay. Shoes, Jessica Paster for JustFab.