What I Wore :: Dinner at a Friend's

Casual dinner at a friend's house - what to wear? If they're friends, you could probably wear pajamas and they'd still invite you in. But since we're grown and fashionable peoples, I decided to opt for a short suit, which is as hot as the weather right now.

Shorts are New York and Co, Shoes are JustFab (and they are SO FAB, RIGHT?) and this blazer, I swear, I bought it at 5.7.9. when I was like, 15. Hilarious. White jackets can be a little "What's up, Doc?" but I think in the right context on a summer night, they're delightful. Also, come on. White suit is sooooo Miami Vice, am I right?

Again, these shoes. So fab. They're comfy and they're a work of art. You can't ask for much more than that.