How to Wear :: The Bodysuit

I think sometimes the word "bodysuit" brings up terrifying thoughts for women. How do I go to the bathroom? Isn't that just lingerie? What if I look like a superhero? Thankfully, the modern bodysuit is far from the ones I used to wear as a kid in the early 90's.

When I was contacted by Vedette Shapewear to be a part of their "I've Got Nothing to Hide" campaign, I was intrigued. Bloggers of all shapes and sizes are taking pieces of their shapewear and wearing it on the outside to show off their body pride. I chose the Léa bodysuit, because I loved the idea of a simple black bodysuit to wear under pants and skirts.

The advantage of the bodysuit is the tuck factor - I hate it when my shirts bunch and move, especially under pants or skirts that don't have structured waists. I styled the suit with a fun black and white blazer from The Limited and a bright pencil skirt from Forever 21, so this outfit is ready to hit the office or happy hour. Wait, what? Shapewear out where all of my coworkers can see it? Yes. They won't even know what hit them.

When in doubt, finish your outfit off with some fabulous red lips. I love Nars Red Lizard.

The verdict? I love that the Vedette shapewear stays put, and it sucks me all in so I don't feel as self conscious as I might in a tight fitting camisole. After we took these pictures I went and ate macaroni and cheese and fried chicken and I'm proud to report it all fit, despite the feeling that I had no room left inside of the body suit. I will say that this thing does not have a lot of breathability, so it might not be the best option for humid summer nights like tonight, but it's a great base for those nights you need just a little extra self confidence boost.

I'm a big fan of body image and loving yourself. My friends and I have entire dinner conversations where we just talk about what we love about each other, so we've never been in short supply of self confidence. But everyone needs a little extra courage sometimes, whether it's to smooth some bumps under a particularly ridiculous tight dress or just suck in a little bloat. So I'm excited to share that Vedette has offered to give three of my readers a surprise shapewear piece! Woot! Don't pretend like you don't love free stuff. You do. You can make your own "Nothing to Hide" outfits. You can wear them around the house and pretend like you're Wonder Woman. Have a Beyonce Single Ladies dance party. Whatever you decide to do with it, all you have to do is Like Vedette on Facebook or Follow on Twitter, and leave me a comment below about what your favorite part of YOU is!  Cool? Cool. I'll announce the winners next week.