What I Wore :: Beach Formal

It's wedding season. Clearly. I have been to more weddings this year than I have been to probably ever, and since I have my own looming in the distance wedding things are always on my mind. The great thing about going to so many is, you get to see how differently people do things! I was lucky enough to attend this destination wedding, where I got the chance to finally get my beach formal on.

This is the dress I won from I Heart Heels! I love it, it's gorgeous, and it definitely lends itself to a dressy destination wedding (and will be resurfacing on my honeymoon, for sure). The flowy shape is difficult to photograph, but it moved so beautifully when I walked everywhere that I felt glamorous and chic.

General consensus was that the maxi was beach formal/dressy appropriate. I saw several young ladies rocking dramatic hi-lo hemlines in flowing bright fabrics, which were gorgeous in the wind. "Beach Formal" isn't necessarily cocktail dresses and evening gowns. It's more like, soft and romantic and dressier than what you'd wear to go snorkling.

Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous couple. Congrats, Holly and Phillip!

BTDubs, there were parasols. OH, I loved them so. Such a pretty and fun touch!

With the beautiful bride. Her dress was to die for. As was the food. And the adorable steel drum band. And basically everything. I'm regretting a bit not going the destination route!

Dress, Max&Cleo. Shoes, Banana Republic. Earrings, Ember (gorgeous similar vintage!).