Video :: JustFab Mailbag Monday!

One of the best things about doing video is that it's incredibly demonstrative. I love haul videos because seeing something "in person" is particularly handy when you're on the fence about a purchase (or didn't even know you needed it!).

I don't often do haul videos, but when I do, they have a LOT of shoes in them.

The shoes featured in this video: Willa, Izzy, Vonnie, Shantay, and Louella. If you haven't joined Just Fabulous yet, use my link and get some $$ off. If you have, and you want a shot at winning a year of shoes yourself, head on over to their facebook page and give them 20 of your best, most creative seconds!

This all brings me to my second point - if you've got it, spend it! I've always loved giftcards, birthday money, and free credits because it gives me the opportunity to spend without abandon. That means, I almost always come home with something I LOVE and never would have tried otherwise. I know I dropped five credits right away, but I probably would have only ordered one of these shoes if I hadn't, and I love them all so much I'm glad I was reckless with the credits so far. It's a crazy idea, but I think it's true. Some of my most favorite items came from free money.

Also, this post requires no disclaimer as I am not being sponsored to say any of this, I just love them that. much.