Quick Pick :: Flabella Royal Earrings

I know, I can't believe I'm doing another JewelMint post either. I can go months without ordering a piece and then in just a week order several. They are knocking it out of the PARK lately with these recolors! I have always lusted after the original Flabella earrings. I love a large, sparkly stud so these hit the spot. I noticed a little buzz about these on the FB page this week and was super excited to see they've recolored the Flabella and they're available for sale right now!

I missed out on the originals and always kicked myself for not getting them after I saw girls wearing theirs, so I'm excited about the recolor and can't wait until they arrive. Order your own here if you're interested, and code FBAR9FG still worked for me as of yesterday for $9 off!