What I Wore :: Shopping Party

Okay, this is all going to sound a little "Real Housewives of Little Rock" right now but, we had the BEST shopping party tonight! My friend Sandra won this awesome shop & sip party for us at Kristin Todd and we had the most wonderful time.

What to wear to a shopping party : well, it was 107 degrees today so a dress was IT for me. No jacket, no pants, just an old fashioned shift dress in a fabulous floral print. I love this one from Forever 21! I actually would have never bought it from the website, but in person it's so cute!

Our amazing host!

A leather wrap bracelet I fell WAY too far in love with. I mean, super love. I couldn't justify the $111 tonight but it'll be on my mind for the next few months, that's for sure.

All of the gorgeous ladies I was shopping with this evening! Aren't they fabulous?

New nude pumps to replace the ones Zoey chewed up. They're all kinds of love.

We all ended up buying a TON of jewelry. Me, Candice, and Elizabeth all ended up with the same bracelet added to our arm party. So fab!!

Anyway, BIG thanks to Kristin Todd for hosting us tonight! Nothing like a little wine and a little shopping! It was too fun!