What I Wore :: Girls' Night Out

I love a good pant. Pants can be so classy in the right cut and make a simple top look clean and polished. They can be dressed up or down, casual or professional, even...dare I say, sexy?

When I left BB tonight for girls night, he actually told me I looked sexy, which I thought was crazy as he kind of turned his nose up at these pants when I first showed them to him. Actually, it's awesome that a guy can think pants and a modestly cut top can be sexy instead of a mini dress. See, ladies? Sexy doesn't have to equal slutty. Although it can. That can be fun too.

Anyway, I snagged these sailor inspired pants at H&M last week on sale and I could not have spent my money on anything better. I'm slightly obsessed with the wide legs and higher waistline.

No, this is not a sexy rear shot, it's to show you the cute-as-a-button...buttons on the back. I love them! And a little arm party action. Rwar.

The top is from the Limited - honestly, they have the best tops for office to happy hour. I must have a million of them that look adorable under a little jacket and then go great alone for a night out. The earrings are from JewelMint - I thought they added just the right amount of nautical flair. So next time you're dressing for your Ladies Night Out, consider a fantastic pair of pants and a flirty top. You can wear a jacket with it at work, then let it all hang out over margs.

Bonus outtake picture time! I've never understood why bloggers "outtakes" are so flattering. I'm like...that's just a picture you didn't use. I know I'm a day late for Awkward and Awesome Thursday, but as we were testing my exposure my friend and photographer Amy snapped this awesome picture of me primping. And what I discovered is, I look really awkward when I put on lip gloss. You're welcome.

Why are my eyes closed? Is that the same sort of thing like opening your mouth when you put on mascara? Why am I sticking my butt out like that? We may never know.