What I Wore :: Birthday Suit

My mother and I have always believed in the power of a birthday outfit. It's all part of feeling fabulous on your special day. Birthdays are for loved ones, eating great food, and indulging in a little shopping. I did all three Friday. My mom bought this outfit for me to wear on my b-day when she was in town last week and I can already tell both pieces are going to some of my favorites this summer.

I read an article the other day called "How to shop at Forever 21 as a grown woman". I loved it, because really, it's kind of a mission for me. One of the tips was to skip past the front and walk straight to the Love21 section and I could not agree more. Both of these pieces came from the Love21 line and you can just tell the difference in details, quality, fabrics, and fit. They use more grown up fabrics and silhouettes so it makes it easier on us "old people". Details like the cut-outs on the arms of this blousy top and little gold beads on the ties, like the pleating on the skirt and a more grown up floral print make it worth the literally few extra dollars.

Oh, and birthday shoes are a must as well. That's kind of a no-brainer. I picked these up from JustFabulous because they just felt like warm weather.

Dinner with my dearest friends at Brownings. Yellow cheese dip, nom!
I feared I might end up in a sombrero, but they just gave me cake. Birthdays are the bomb.