Oh Hi, I'm in Boston.

I'm traveling this week, so I'll apologize in advance if my posts are sporadic! I'm in Boston for work (Cambridge technically) and it's just lovely up here. As I type this, I'm freezing to death in our work room and am considering going down to the giftshop to purchase an MIT or Harvard sweatshirt. That sounds quite fashionable, does it not?

I arrived Sunday, and had a bit of a debacle with my luggage. It arrived a day later than I did. Thankfully, I travel in style and managed to snap a quick pic of my airport outfit before I went to dinner. I even had liquid eyeliner and BB Cream in my carry on so I could pull myself together. Fabulous!

Anywho, I plan on posting exactly what I packed and how I wore it all this week as part of my jet setting series, just because I find there to be a serious lack of awesome "how to pack" blog entries in the world! Let me know if there's anything I just HAVE to see while I'm here :)