Boston :: What to Wear to Dinner

One of the greatest things about my company is we are all about some food. Every time I travel with them I eat the most decadent food at the coolest little restaurants. Last night, we had our kick-off dinner at a great little place called Catalyst.

I decided to spruce up my daytime look by changing to a flowy top and adding my Zara heels and a statement necklace.

The necklace was a big hit, as it always is.

Beef tournedo, delicious, amazing and delectable. I could have eaten twelve of these.

My co-worker Sam makes a moustache out of her hair. I think she should try to grow one.

All of our butterscotch pudding in a row. We tried to bet Sam to eat it all, but she wouldn't have made it. That stuff was richer than Donald Trump.

Enjoying a glass fireside in a cute little sitting area in Catalyst. Everything I had was delicious, from the meat and cheese tapas to the lobster bisque to even the chard and potatoes my steak sat on. Oh, food. I love you.