30x30 :: A Wardrobe Remix Party!

Huzzah! It's officially here! My 30th outfit from my 30 for 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge. I've decided today's look should be festive and fun, so I pulled out one of the oldest tricks in the book - maxi skirt to dress.
I was actually a little shocked when I pulled this skirt up to try it as a dress. The shorter lining lent itself well to make the dress seem ladylike but not too long (ie, frumpy). And the flow of the skirt is actually quite fabulous. The concept is simple - find a longer skirt, pull up over your boobs, add a belt. This is a great way to get more out of your wardrobe, especially traveling. Just check and make sure there isn't a slit. That could get awkward.

So yay! That's it, 30 outfits from 30 items. I've learned a lot from this challenge and I'll share a recap of all of the outfits and my insights to the whole 30 for 30 thing tomorrow. But for now, this cocktail party needs a celebratory jump.

Forever 21 Maxi as dress, Limited Wrap Belt, Zara sandals, Part of a JustFab bag.