30x25 :: A Funny thing happened

When I got dressed yesterday, I had no idea what I was wearing would be exactly like every other blogger. In fact, it wasn't until I check my reader for the first time in a few days that I realized I had inadvertently succumbed to a trend - denim on top, white underneath.

bloggers do denim on white
It's not revolutionary - it's not like I thought of it first. Instead, it's classic and perfect for summer. I guess everyone had a hankering this week for denim and white. (hello fashion, daybook blog, kendi everyday, and love maegan - hers turned out to be older, no idea why it's on my feed, but still a crazy coincidence!)

My outfit is the same, but different. I love how each of these are the same idea, executed slightly differently. For my denim on white, I tied up an Old Navy chambray shirt over a XXI dress, and added some flat ShoeMint sandals and fun jewelry.

tied chambray shirt
denim on white
buried bauble bauble bar triangle navy necklace
Fantastic BaubleBar necklace my friend Amy snagged for me for my birthday - I love the navy! It's so fun. And in my arm party, a watch/bracelet set I bought at Target earlier today. I've been craving a chunky gold watch for a while now, and this set was on sale for $20 so I decided to try it before I splurged on a good one. So far, I'm a fan. I layered the set with a JewelMint chain and more Bauble.
Have you ever planned an outfit, only to discover someone beat you to the punch? I think that's something to celebrate about personal style blogs, though. Five girls can wear basically the same outfit, but the way they style it can make it have completely different feels. I follow blogs that tend to make outfits I like, so I can pull from them for inspiration. There's nothing wrong with being a copy cat - just make sure the end result is always YOU.