30x24 :: Sheerly you jest.

Y'all know I'll be the first to admit when an outfit doesn't quite work, and this I feel was one of them. Maybe it's the long skirt in black and the halloween-ish colors of the shirt, but I look at these and think, man, who let the wicked witch out of Oz? The weird wedges do not help. I did not have enough shoes for this remix challenge!

It just wasn't my day in general, though, so the outfit doesn't surprise me. I got stuck in a dress at The Limited - I mean, STUCK. As in, I started panicking and sweating and thinking I might have to be cut out. Always a nice feeling when you're clothes shopping, isn't it? Definitely made me consider hitting it harder at the gym.

I love the breezy back in this top though - it's sheer and practically just a modesty cover up, so it's nice for hot summer days. I thought a bandeau was plenty of coverage for an afternoon at the mall.

I finished off my Fruit Stripes Bubblegum inspired outfit with this lovely necklace my friend Elizabeth gave me for my birthday from The Limited. It's quite fab. So even though I had no luck at the mall, I have a new every day necklace to reach for. Just enough color and oh, I am loving some gold right now. Right? I used to hate it, and now it's awesome. Go figure, growing up does weird things to your brain.